About Me

I’ve lived through a lot of different situations.

I grew up in a house with a full-time maid…and then at 19 I suddenly found myself trying to keep house without a clue how to do it. I barely knew how to boil an egg. By 28 I was divorced and struggling to raise two young children on my own.

Along the way, I became one of the first professional organizers in the country. My own struggles as a young wife and mother gave me a deep empathy for my clients. I understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed and to not naturally know how to organize. I’ve walked alongside countless clients through very tough situations…and watched them come out the other side.

I’ve been both rich and poor. I’ve been both thin and fat. I’ve been both sick (I’m a cancer survivor) and healthy. I’ve lived in both liberal and very conservative settings. After becoming involved in the new age movement, I became a Jewish believer in Jesus.

I’ve been a professional organizer for more than 30 years now. In addition for 15 years I directed a homeschool convention with more than 10,000 attendees.

I was a primary caregiver for my mother for six years. A few years ago, at the ripe young age of 70, I produced Life in Reverse: Selma’s Story, a short documentary sharing my caregiving experience with my mother. It’s been viewed by thousands and won awards from three different film festivals across the country.

Now, looking back over life in my 70s is an interesting thing. I’ve learned many lessons along the way and gained a lot of perspective. I’ve lived long enough to understand that situations change. Struggles pass. What seems hopeless can lead to new discoveries.

Starting this website has been an interesting venture. I’ve had to learn a lot of technology. To grow. To change. I’ve gotten stuck more times than I can count.

But here I am. And here you are. I hope you find the information shared here encouraging.


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