Life In Reverse Video: Encouragement for Caregivers

"Take the bitter with the better and make the best of it." - Selma

Selma loved to sing and dance. The dementia took away some of her inhibitions and her final years were a time of singing, foot tapping, watching the ocean and loving those around her. At times, she was belligerent and disoriented. That is part of the disease. These abrasive encounters made her calm and tender moments that much sweeter.

Life in Reverse: Selma's Story chronicles Selma's last years as she slowly succumbed to dementia. Selma was always a warm, loving and practical person. Even when she no longer recognized her daughter, Selma cordially welcomed strangers she met as if they were part of her family.

This story of a daughter determined to give her mother the best quality of life possible while facing the challenges of this relentless disease is recounted in order to educate, inspire and encourage others in similar circumstances.

Although no two experiences are the same, there is much to learn from sharing stories. This is a story of hope, possibility and faith. As her dementia progressed, Selma's mind functioned differently. Every aspect of her life shifted. What never changed was her heart, her essence and her daughter's love for her.

Close Your Caregiving Conference on an Uplifting Note

Audiences will laugh, cry, and leave knowing they are loved and certainly not alone in their struggles. Flo has the ability to use humor as she addresses deep and sensitive issues. For more information contact Flo here

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