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Gratitude is a wonderful thing, It fills your heart and makes it sing. It takes away the angst and fear And lets you know that God is here. It changes darkness into light And takes the emptiness from the night. It adds back balance to the scale And takes away the “I might fail.” It […]

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Helping the Elderly Get Organized

Organization is important in everyone’s life, but for the elderly it can be the key to how well they can function independently—and for how long. They need to simplify their lives while keeping their independence and dignity. However, physical limitations of age or illness, poor memory, attachment to “the way things were,” or simply the […]

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Adversity Can Bring Out the Best

Adversity can bring out the best of humanity. It forces us to let go, to reach out, to rise above. It humbles us and deepens us and connects us as nothing else can. By contrast, all else is ordered and given meaning. Difficulty is the irritation that causes the pearl to form, that resistance that […]

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