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Gratitude is a wonderful thing, It fills your heart and makes it sing. It takes away the angst and fear And lets you know that God is here. It changes darkness into light And takes the emptiness from the night. It adds back balance to the scale And takes away the “I might fail.” It […]

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A Motivating Story

A  friend called me all excited. When I asked how she was, she said, “Very, very, very well.” I quickly commented that that was more “verys” than I had heard from her in a very long time. She said, “I’m going through my house and getting rid of stuff and it feels WONDERFUL.” I asked […]

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It’s Moving

Many of us feel sorry for ourselves and others when faced with the sorting, packing, and all the seemingly endless details of moving. We try to stay positive and endure. But when it is over, we vow we’ll never move again if we can help it. But moving doesn’t have to be unpleasant. No matter […]

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