Grocery Shopping List

The categories on the grocery list are arranged in a similar fashion to most grocery stores: the food items normally found along the perimeter of the store are located around the perimeter of your grocery list.

The whole purpose of this list is to make your grocery shopping as efficient and pleasant as possible. You can use the list exactly as it appears here, or if you’d prefer to customize your categories, download the blank grocery list and try arranging the categories alphabetically or eliminating ones you you’d never use and adding other categories for items you buy frequently.

The pre-labeled grocery shopping list is divided into the following categories–a brief description is provided to give you ideas of where to put different grocery items. Again, feel free to put items in different categories if that make more sense to you–the goal is to find something you can easily remember and that works for you.

Download Your Free Grocery Shopping List

Grocery Shopping List
Grocery Shopping List with Space for Errands
Blank (Customizable) Grocery Shopping List

Grocery Categories

Baby Items – diapers, baby food, etc.
Baking – flour, sugar, cake mixes, icings, cooking oil, etc.
Beverages – tea, coffee, soda, juice, Kool-Aid, hot chocolate, water, etc.
Bread/Bakery – rolls, bread, cakes, pies, muffins, bagels, doughnuts, freshly baked cookies, etc.
Canned Goods

  • Veggies – green beans, peas, mushrooms, beans, etc.
  • Fruit – applesauce, pears, peaches, etc.
  • Soups – tomato soup, chicken soup, broths, beef soups, stews, etc.
  • Sauces – tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc.
  • Other – tuna, olives, etc.

Cereal/Breakfast – cereals, oatmeal, breakfast bars, and anything else on the breakfast aisle
Condiments – ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, salad dressing, croutons, jelly, and other items to spice up your food
Dairy – milk, eggs, prepackaged luncheon meat and cheeses, etc.
Deli – custom-cut luncheon meets and cheeses, potato salad, or anything you’d get at the deli counter
Frozen Foods – anything frozen, including ice cream, vegetables, fruit, pie crusts/pies, cool whip, frozen dinners or dinner supplies, bagels, and breakfast items (waffles, etc.).
Meats – beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, sausage, ham, pork, veil, pre-packaged luncheon meat, etc. (Note: Any frozen meat would go under “Frozen Foods,” luncheon meat would go under “Deli” if you get it custom-cut at the deli, and tuna or canned meats would go under “Canned Goods.”)
Miscellaneous – gift cards/wrap, batteries, etc.
Non-Food Items

  • Paper Products – toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, paper plates/cups, etc.
  • Cleaning Supplies – laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, etc.
  • Health & Beauty – pharmacy items, shampoo, toothpaste
  • Pet Food
  • Other – plastic wrap/bags, aluminum foil

Pasta/Rice – noodles, rice, stuffing, macaroni
(all fresh fruits and vegetables)

  • Fruits – apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, pomegranates, etc.
  • Vegetables – celery, salad, green beans, mushrooms, pumpkin, etc.


  • Chips & Crackers
  • Other Snacks

Spices – cinnamon, basil, red pepper, cumin, multi-purpose seasoning, taco mixes, etc.
Note: Spices are usually found on the baking aisle.

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