How to Get Your Paper Under Control

 Read How to Get Buried in Paper first.

  1. Do each task to the best of your ability.
  2. Open your mail in the same place each day.
  3. Sort your papers as you look through them.
  4. Toss out everything you don’t want or need.
  5. Have a good paper management system and put your papers away where they belong.
  6. Make sure the categories you have are relevant.
  7. Set time aside to adequately do your paperwork.
  8. Have a good-size, sturdy trash container where you sort your papers.
  9. Have 2-3 inches of extra space in each file
  10. Have a file cabinet with full-suspension drawers.
  11. Print your labels with a marker and do them all the same way.
  12. Before guests come over, bake a cake.
  13. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Find any paper quickly and easily.
  14. Be kind to others who still haven’t learned to manage their paper.
  15. See paper clutter as a sign for you to get busy and do what you have to do.

The practice of the above behavior is guaranteed to:

  • Help you locate a paper when you need it
  • Meet the needs of others who need information
  • Eliminate anxiety about finding a paper
  • Let you move on to doing other things
  • Allow you to get rid of silly signs
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Florence Feldman

Florence Feldman has lived through a lot of different situations, from finding herself an overwhelmed single mom at 28 to caregiving for her mother with dementia for 6 years to surviving cancer. Florence learned to organize to survive. Along the way, she became a professional organizing consultant, and for more than 30 years has been helping others get unstuck and find freedom. At the ripe young age of 68, she produced an award-winning documentary that has offered encouragement to hundreds of caregivers. Florence has also been speaking for most of her adult life, delighting audiences by dealing with deep and sensitive topics with humor and candor.

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