The First Step Is in Your Thoughts

Any journey begins with the first step. Often, that step seems difficult; the journey as a whole almost impossible. We are paralyzed when we think of the daunting task before us and around us. So we choose to focus on something more pleasant. We go shopping, watch a movie, grab a snack, or go on Facebook until the urge passes and we can do something else instead. Nothing changes. Sometimes things get worse.

I have found there are two powerful phrases that keep us stuck in chaos. They are: I DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT RIGHT NOW and I’LL JUST PUT IT HERE FOR NOW. When we believe these statements and don’t follow up and actually do the task at another time, our lives can get way out of control. In fact, I can guarantee it.

Conversely, if you begin to say to yourself: I’LL TAKE A MINUTE AND DO IT NOW and actually take the time to hang it up, put it away, write it down, file it, etc., your life will change and order will prevail.

The first step towards bringing more order in your life is to stop accepting the lie that you don’t have time to do it right now or that putting it here for now is a viable choice. This “road to victory” is simple, but not necessarily quick and easy.


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Florence Feldman

Florence Feldman has lived through a lot of different situations, from finding herself an overwhelmed single mom at 28 to caregiving for her mother with dementia for 6 years to surviving cancer. Florence learned to organize to survive. Along the way, she became a professional organizing consultant, and for more than 30 years has been helping others get unstuck and find freedom. At the ripe young age of 68, she produced an award-winning documentary that has offered encouragement to hundreds of caregivers. Florence has also been speaking for most of her adult life, delighting audiences by dealing with deep and sensitive topics with humor and candor.

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