Wiggle Room

In the past when I gained  weight. I would ask people, “Do I look heavier?” they said, “No, You look wonderful.” Yet, I knew my clothes are tighter and I had lost what I most loved about having trimmed down to begin with–I had lost the wiggle room. I really liked the wiggle room I had. Probably no one else would ever be affected by it but me. Still, I found constant comfort in the fact that my clothes were slightly too big. Not enough to be baggy or hanging. Just enough to feel not at all snug.
The wiggle room is what I missed most of all as I felt the waistband hugging my middle a little more closely; I missed that small space of comfort.

As I think about it, I like to have wiggle room everywhere. I have always kept some money in reserve that I don’t add to my checking account balance. I like to have room in my closets and room on my kitchen counter and pantry shelves. I just like to live a life with wiggle room. When too many things creep into my house, my car, or my finances, I become uncomfortable and feel the urge to “clean house”–to simplify and get my wiggle room back.

For some people, space is something to fill–to pack every inch completely. To me, having that little extra space is life giving. After all, you never know when you might want the room to just wiggle.

Florence Feldman

Florence Feldman was a single mother and is now a grandmother of four, she was a caregiver for her mother who had dementia, and is a cancer survivor. As a professional organizing consultant for 40-years, she helped others find freedom through organization. When she was 68, she produced an award-winning documentary that offered encouragement to thousands of caregivers. As a speaker, she has delighted audiences by addressing sensitive topics with candor and humor.