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My Dear One, Fret not. Be not dismayed.It is not my desire for you to be miserable.Breathe, dear one. Cease from striving. Let is all be. Everything, all is well.The

Sowing and Reaping

In the past when I gained  weight. I would ask people, “Do I look heavier?” they said, “No, You look wonderful.” Yet, I knew my clothes are tighter and I

Wiggle Room

Gratitude is a wonderful thing, It fills your heart and makes it sing. It takes away the angst and fear And lets you know that God is here. It changes


The more you play, the more you win. As you press on in the game you find out why things don’t work out. Lots of games don’t work out. Play

What I Learned from Playing Solitaire

It is good to have clear goals and effective steps to reach them. Your initial plan is a place to start and will need to be adjusted as you learn

Help with Developing a Plan

After years of helping individuals and families bring more order into their lives, I observed that there are four major actions that are required during any organizing  process. These actions are

Four Steps of Any Organizing Process

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing your home and its contents in a new way. You no longer feel guilty, ashamed and defensive about the stacks of paper

Imagine Not Being Overwhelmed by Your House

 Read How to Get Buried in Paper first. Do each task to the best of your ability. Open your mail in the same place each day. Sort your papers as you

How to Get Your Paper Under Control

Please read these instructions through to the end before you begin this organizing project. You might want to take a before picture of the cluttered mug shelf and the counter

How to Organize Your Mugs

If you find that you are constantly going from one thing to another while not doing what you really want to do. If everything sets off a steady stream of

The Not-to-Do List

Always be in a hurry. Open all your mail in a different place every day. Look through all your papers very quickly (just to see what’s there). Keep everything “for

How to Get Buried in Paper

Organization is important in everyone’s life, but for the elderly it can be the key to how well they can function independently—and for how long. They need to simplify their

Helping the Elderly Get Organized

Many of us feel sorry for ourselves and others when faced with the sorting, packing, and all the seemingly endless details of moving. We try to stay positive and endure.

It’s Moving

Any journey begins with the first step. Often, that step seems difficult; the journey as a whole almost impossible. We are paralyzed when we think of the daunting task before

The First Step Is in Your Thoughts

The categories on the grocery list are arranged in a similar fashion to most grocery stores: the food items normally found along the perimeter of the store are located around

Grocery Shopping List

People have often said to me, “I can help other people get their stuff organized, but with my own stuff it’s different” or “I have no trouble staying organized at

Why Is It Easier to Organize Someone Else’s Stuff?

Have you ever observed that there are times when you are able to sort through your stuff, get rid of what you don’t want and put what you want to

The Window of Organizing Opportunity

Adversity can bring out the best of humanity. It forces us to let go, to reach out, to rise above. It humbles us and deepens us and connects us as

Adversity Can Bring Out the Best
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